Although Expats and Foreign Nationals are different types of clients, the way in which lenders assess the risk is fairly similar. Out of the two, there are more mortgage options for Expats. Recently more lenders have entered the lending for these types of clients and we at Hawke have seen an increase in applications other the last 6 months, despite the Brexit saga.

In board terms the below requirements are needed:


Be able to be found on a UK credit search – either a previous mortgage, bank account, active credit linked to UK address

Many lenders like clients to own at least 1 UK property

Mortgage payment to be by Direct Debit, in Sterling from a UK bank

Countries on sanction lists not acceptable and each country reviewed case by case. The regular countries where we see applications from and acceptable are Hong Kong, Singapore and U.A.E.

Employment in a multi-national company is best place to be however even self employed expats can be considered. Some lenders have a minimum income.

Property type, the simpler the better i.e. if Expat and HMO/ Multi Unit then it adds layer of complexity. We can solve this but especially if 1st BTL then simple is best.

Limited Company lending for Expats – needs to be a UK company as an SPV with the above underwriting based on the Director.

Foreign Nationals

Currently only a handful of lenders will consider pure Foreign National applications

Minimum requirement is a UK bank account

Many have a minimum loan size of £150k or above

Other points which help applications

Active credit in the UK

Income from employed company which can be found online by lenders

Similar to Expat criteria above the country of residence will be considered case by case

Usual property BTL reviewed i.e. property type, rental stress tests etc


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