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What is Buy To Let & Why Go Down This Route?

The property market is known for its volatility, but investing in a property has consistently shown good long-term returns, so if you can invest, it is a great path to choose. You will need a specific Buy To Let Mortgage if you would like to buy a property to rent out for tenant occupancy. Some benefits of Buy To Let can be:

  • Increased income from rent
  • Potential for rental prices to increase to a higher rate than inflation
  • Possible growth value depending on increased property prices.

Is Buy To Let Suitable For You?

Buy To Let Mortgages are usually assessed on your earned income and the rental yield of the investment property. The following criteria are just some of which you will need to comply with:

  • Be of a minimum age (usually 25+)
  • Have a minimum income (usually £25k +)
  • Pass a credit check

Types of Buy To Let Mortgage

Consumer Buy To Let

If you or a close family member or relative has resided or intends to reside in the property in question, this is considered to be a Consumer Buy To Let arrangement. Here at Hawke FS, we are unlimited in the range of Mortgages we can consider for you.

Single Freehold Multi-Unit

This type of property has more than one flat within a multi-unit space. It is therefore on a ‘freehold’ title and consequently requires a specialist Mortgage.

HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation)

Will your next property purchase be with a view to multiple occupancy? If this is the case then you will likely need a specialist HMO Mortgage. It can often be difficult to find a lender because an arrangement for this type of property is fairly unusual Our Advisors at Hawke will, however, ensure that they find the best lender with the best rate for you.

Buy To Let – Limited Company – SPV/Trading Company

Your accountant might be advising you to purchase investment properties using a special purchase vehicle (SPV), which is under a UK Limited Company structure. The number of lenders in this sector has grown over recent years, however, our advisors at Hawke can guide you through the complex arena to find the most appropriate and cost-effective Buy To Let Loan for you. Several lenders in the Limited Company market work solely through Mortgage brokers, which also reiterates the importance of discussing your needs with Hawke.

Whether it is the setup of the company, the variations associated with lenders preferences on the source of deposit, directors loans, trading companies, directors requirements, shareholding or any other criteria, we can help. Various blogs on these subject matters can be found in our Blog section.

Remember Hawke Financial Services does not charge a broker fee!

Your Buy To Let Adviser

If you are thinking about purchasing a property for investment your adviser at Hawke FS can help you understand the costs involved in buying the property to the on-going costs you will need to budget for. No matter which type of Buy To Let arrangement you require, your adviser always assess your affordability and appropriateness, so we can avoid any potential financial stress.

What's next?

To start your Buy To Let journey or for more information on our services, please contact us today.

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