The Difference Between Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover

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Though life insurance and critical illness cover are both there to help loved ones financially when you are no longer able to, there are significant differences. Understanding these differences can help you to decide whether you need life insurance, critical illness cover or both. 

Should You Choose Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover?

  • Life Insurance – The aim of life insurance is to protect your loved ones financially should you pass away, at which time a claim can be made and the agreed sum would be paid out. The amount paid out often relates to your annual income and it can be used to repay debts, such as a mortgage. It is there to ease the financial challenges loved ones are likely to face without your income. With a designated payout, life insurance can also take care of your dependants and their future. Life insurance payouts go to the beneficiaries detailed in the policy and you can stipulate the percentage that beneficiates will receive. Life insurance policies are fairly broad and there are very few scenarios where claims would be unsuccessful.
  • Critical Illness Cover – Life insurance focuses on what would happen in the event of your death, but critical illness cover focuses on what would happen in the event of a critical illness. The aim of critical illness cover is to cover the loss of your income and any debts whilst you recover. It can be used to pay for medical treatment, as well as any home renovations needed to aid with your recovery. Whereas life insurance covers a wide range of instances where death may occur, critical illness cover is not quite as broad. Critical illness cover is only paid out if you are diagnosed with an illness outlined in the policy, such as cancer or a stroke, and different policies cover different illnesses. As a critical illness payout is paid whilst you are still alive, you have full control over how the funds are used.

If you are unsure about whether to choose life insurance or critical illness cover, discuss the options with your insurance broker. An insurance broker can help to determine whether you need life insurance, critical illness cover or a policy with both. At Hawke Financial Services, our experts are on hand to offer professional and accurate advice. Contact us today to speak to an insurance broker. 

Do I Need Life Insurance?

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A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that they do not need life insurance, but there are undeniable benefits for everyone. Even those who are young, single and without a mortgage should consider life insurance. The death of a loved one brings with it a lot of difficulties, whether the death is unexpected or not, and many of these are financial. With a life insurance payout, the financial struggles of losing a loved one are eased. Rather than being faced with unforeseen financial burdens, loved ones can focus on mourning.

The Benefits of Life Insurance

  • Financial Security For Loved Ones – We all have people that we care about and leaving them behind is a big worry for many. Life insurance can help them out financially once you are gone, which gives you one less thing to worry about. Life insurance payouts can provide a great deal of financial security for loved ones, such as your partner or children, and can help to ease unexpected financial strains.
  • Compensate For Lost Earnings – The loss of a vital income can put a huge financial strain on those left behind, but life insurance can help to compensate for this. A life insurance sum can go a long way towards helping loved ones out when they are suddenly faced with one less income. Rather than worrying about having to cope with lost earnings they can rely on life insurance. 
  • Peace of Mind – Nobody likes to think about what will happen after they have gone, especially when it comes to loved ones and how they will cope financially. Life insurance can provide much needed peace of mind. You can relax knowing that your loved ones are taken care of financially even when you are no longer here.
  • Help With Debts and Mortgages – Though you may be gone, your unpaid debts and mortgage will sadly remain. This can put a definite financial strain on loved ones, especially if they are not able to cover the costs themselves. Life insurance can be put towards these costs, helping loved ones to pay off your debts completely. 

Though life insurance may seem like a confusing and daunting thing to organise, it doesn’t need to be. At Hawke Financial Services, we are here to guide you through the process. Contact us today to speak to an expert. Find out how life insurance can benefit you and your loved ones.