Buying a home is a very emotionally stressful experience and using a broker to alleviate the pressures involved can be helpful. The pressure involved in buying a property may be induced by the following factors of purchasing via Help to Buy (HTB):

  • Obtaining your Authority to Proceed
  • Having a valuation done
  • 28-day exchange period
  • Paying your searches fees


At Hawke, we will be able to help you with all of the above and give impartial advice where we are not affiliated with a particular developer. The advice given is based on your best interests. We have highlighted these particular areas as we commonly come across them while dealing with HTB purchases and we have specialist brokers who can assist you with managing the process.


Obtaining your Authority to proceed

At the same time as submitting your mortgage application you will need to apply for your ATP. This is the approval from HTB that you are eligible for the government equity loan. To achieve this you have to navigate the processing with Help to Buy which is a part of the process we will assist you with.

It is particularly important that all of the documents you obtain match up with one another so the Reservation Form, UK Finance Disclosure Form and the Property Information Form all reflect exactly the same information.

We have brokers on hand that are dealing with Help to Buy and we assist with the application for the ATP. Gathering the relevant documents can be stressful as this is where mistakes can appear. For example but not limited to; not including the full address correctly; differences between the required forms around costs such as service charge; wrong address or miss spelling of solicitors.

These, amongst other scenarios where the build and completion date are not included, are frequent. It is only when you are exposed to the process that you can identify these issues that will invariably slow the process down for you in obtaining your ATP.



We are unlimited to first charge intermediary lenders and have extensive experience in dealing with them on a day-to-day basis. We can give you a sound indication of how long it will take to have a valuation booked in and this is sometimes demanded by agents to be carried out within seven days.

We will then help you with the outcome whether it be positive or negative and most importantly establish whether it is wise for you to invest in the property.

Instances which we see are paying a large sum of money for a magnificent new property, however, the new build warranty provider is only acceptable to a handful of lenders. In addition to this, there are circumstances where the property is above a commercial premise which limits the lender availability. With both of these examples, limitations become apparent when it comes to the ability to resell the property and this has a direct impact on you and your investment.


Choose Hawkes Financial Services for Your Mortgage

If you have experienced any of the above or would like to establish your purchase capacity, please call one our fees free brokers at Hawke to help with your property aspirations. You can contact our Help to Buy specialist broker, Adam Hollidge directly on 0208 660 8613 or 07453574724.

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