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Why Might You Wish To Remortgage & How Does It Work?

If you are coming to the end of your fixed or tracker rate it is a good idea to check that you are sure the bank you are with is offering you the best deal. If for this, or any other reason, you need to take out a different or additional Mortgage on a property you have already purchased, then you will need to go through the Remortgage process. You may need to do this if you find out that you can get a better deal on your current Mortgage, or if you wish to borrow money against your existing property.

You will need to work through costs and fees, as well as potential early repayment fees before making a decision, but this is where, here at Hawke FS, our Remortgage Brokers can advise and do the legwork for you. The Remortgage process usually takes between one and two months but can take longer if you need to switch your lender.

Your Remortgage Advisors

Your Remortgage Advisors at Hawke FS will consider the products that your current bank are offering you and will compare these with the current Mortgage market. This will enable them to find a more competitive product for you. If your current bank’s product is indeed best, we will always tell you and review your Mortgage again when this deal comes to an end. We will never try to sell you something new if your current situation is best as it is.

Raising Additional Capital

If you are looking to borrow more money for home improvements or to invest in another property, Hawke FS will make sure you are getting the best deal. If you are raising money for debt consolidation, your Remortgage Adviser will help you understand the implications of securing additional debt against your property and help with your future budget planning. We offer the following alternative finance options:

  • A further advance from an existing lender
  • A Second Charge Mortgage
  • A Remortgage
  • An unsecured Loan
  • Bridging Finance / Bridging Loans

What's next?

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Reviews and Feedback

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Insurance Options

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Accident, Sickness and Employment
  • Buildings and Contents / Landlord Insurance

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