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Vital Reasons To Invest In Commercial Finance Services

In the world of business finance, an experienced advisor can help you navigate the commercial finance process with ease. There are many different types of corporate finance your business can utilise – from commercial mortgages, to invoice, stock and asset finance. At Hawkes, we help you understand the options available to you and which form…

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10 Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Broker

Your mortgage advisor is a vital source of support and information when it comes to buying your next home. But how do you make sure you’ve found the right consultant and are getting the most from their services? See below some of our top questions to ask your mortgage broker to ensure you have enough…

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Hawke Shortlisted For The National LIS Awards

The team at Hawke Financial Services are delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Buy To Let Broker at the National LIS Awards! The National LIS Awards The National LIS Awards celebrates the excellence and outstanding achievements in the private rented sector for both landlords, property investors and services throughout the buy…

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BTL Mortgages for Expats and Foreign Nationals

Although Expats and Foreign Nationals are different types of clients, the way in which lenders assess the risk is fairly similar. Out of the two, there are more mortgage options for Expats. Recently more lenders have entered the lending for these types of clients and we at Hawke have seen an increase in applications other…

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Self Employed Income Evidence Cut Off

Self-Employed Income Evidence Cut Off Advice Read our timely Blog Post below for the most important details on your Self-Employed Income Evidence Cut Off. Many banks require the most recent year’s income to be less than 18 months before the date of application. This means for applications submitted from Friday 5th October, the evidence of…

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Bridging Finance

Background Information on Bridging Finance With the BTL market slowing down since the (fairly) recent tax changes, more and more clients are looking to vary their investments. Short-term lending in the form of Bridging Finance is becoming an increasingly popular tool. It enables landlords/homeowners to expand and conjure up ways of making money. For decades,…

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Development Finance

Introduction The subject of funding development projects can often have the greatest range of clients and, in particular, their experience and knowledge. The spectrum of Development Finance clients is wide. They can range from someone looking to build their first property to an established developer looking to build a large block of flats. Below I…

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The Basics of BTL Underwriting for Limited Companies

Limited Company Underwriting Mortgage lenders have basic requirements. They need to be satisfied with these to enable them to offer the mortgage. There are many misconceptions as to how in-depth these requirements are. For instance, some lenders are now lending to First Time Buyers. These people may also be First Time landlords. Previously, however, you needed…

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Trading Company

Trading Company Mortgage Options The vast majority of information in the press points landlords towards purchasing Buy to Let (BTL) properties in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). However, there are other options. Importantly, moreover, for some, these should not be overlooked. It is correct that the SPV route will attract the most competitive rates. It…

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Setting up an SPV

Setting up an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) Most people are now aware of the rationale behind purchasing a Buy to Let property in an SPV or Special Purpose Vehicle. However, as I still get questions on this most days, it is worthwhile confirming what is expected from a lender’s perspective and the basics involved. The…

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