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Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty applies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is calculated on a progressive scale. This type of tax is determined by Stamp Duty Land Tax rate for every relevant price band. Hawke FS has developed a simple Stamp Duty Calculator. With this, we can help you on your way to working out your finances when it comes to thinking about a first, a new or an investment property.

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First Time Buyers

If you’ve reached that exciting, yet daunting moment where you’re ready to buy your first property, Hawke FS is here to help. Our team of First Time Buyer Mortgage Brokers offer bespoke, practical and reassuring Mortgage and Stamp duty advice. With this, you will find the most appropriate solution for your borrowing needs. To get yourself off to a start, please use our Stamp Duty Calculator below for an initial idea of the fees you will need to factor into your budget Due to recent changes, the first £300k of the purchase price is exempt from stamp duty and is also reduced up to £500k. For further information, please visit our First Time Buyer services page.

Standard Rate Property/Next Time Buyer

Whether you are buying a property for the first, second or fifth time, you will need to calculate your Stamp Duty. Please note that Stamp Duty is different on a Standard Rate property as opposed to those who own multiple properties. For further information, please visit out Next Time Buyer services page or speak to one of our Next Time Buyer Mortgage Advisers.

Additional Property/Buy To Let

Stamp Duty on all additional properties works at different rates to First Time or Single properties. If you are considering adding to your Property Portfolio with any kind of Buy To Let purchase, please use our Additional Property Stamp Duty calculator to begin your careful calculations. Any “Second Property” including those held in a Limited company will factor in the additional 3% surcharge brought into force in April 2016. It can be applied to Consumer BTL, Single freehold Multi-Unit, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), and Limited Company/SPV/Trading Company purchases. For further information, please visit our dedicated Buy To Let page or speak to one of our Buy To Let Mortgage Advisors.

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Stamp Duty Calculator

Our simple stamp duty calculator can help you on your way to working out your finances when it comes to thinking about a first, a new or an investment property.

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