Case Study: Securing the best remortgage rate

Client Requirement 

Securing the best remortgage rate 


Changing rates and finding the best deal 


We started considering options 6 months before the end of a product. 

As a part of this review we consider your current lender and remortgage options.

With rates changing we monitor any improvement up to one month before the end date.

Over the six month period if a new mortgage offer is issued it does mean that that product is secure but it does not mean that that will be the rate you have to complete on. If better rates are available we could secure this. 

Every time we secure a better rate any rate rises would not impact this offer.

Some lenders will allow you to follow this process with the rate switch process. The difference between applying direct or through us would be we would actively monitor the rates for you to ensure you get the best product. 

Case Study: Residential remortgage for the purpose of debt consolidation.

Client requirements

Residential remortgage for the purpose of debt consolidation.



A middle-aged couple who had lived in their property for many years had built up various credit cards and a loan, amounting to a relatively large and expensive unsecured debt. They were looking to consolidate the debt into a remortgage, to the reduce their monthly outgoings and make it easier to keep track of their expenditure. This is relatively straightforward, but the loan to value lenders will go up to for the purposes of debt consolidation varies hugely, there is also a cap on the amount of debt lenders can actually accept.



Having extensive knowledge of lender products meant that Hawke FS advisors were able to select the best option for the couple; giving them the maximum loan to value possible to absorb their debts and wrap up into one debt. The couple went from paying £ on unsecured debts, plus a £ mortgage payment, to an overall single monthly payment of £.

The Specifics


Loan required


Property value




Arrangement fee

Reviews and Feedback

Our valued, satisfied clients, past and present have kindly left a vast selection of reviews for our trusted advisers.

An excellent service as always by Robin and his team, I have dealt with Hawke financial services on a number of occasions and each time there service has been excellent...
We received a friendly and knowledgeable service. All options were clearly explained and all questions were answered quickly. Overall we received an excellent service...

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