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Covering all types of property finance, at Hawke Financial Services we are unlimited in the mortgages we offer for the intermediary market. Our expert team has decades of experience and is committed to finding the most suitable product to fit your requirements. We will personally take care of your application from start to finish, not only sourcing you the best available product, but providing you with peace of mind at every stage.

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Types of Mortgage Services

Hawke Financial Services is a whole-of-market mortgage brokerage covering all types of property finance. We are committed to finding the most suitable product to fit your requirements.

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Mortgage FAQs

This relies mainly on your income (or rental income if you have a Buy to Let Mortgage) and is subject to a good credit history. It is not always necessary to borrow the absolute maximum. More economically viable options could be better for our situation.
Most missed payments can be worked through when applying for your Mortgage. We will work with you to get the Mortgage you need regardless of your circumstances. If it is not in your best interests to do this, we will advise you that this is the case and work with you to find a better alternative.

Your mortgage lender will insist buildings insurance is in place as you move into your new home. Contents insurance is another optional insurance. Life insurance is also very important if you have a mortgage. Your broker will be able to run through the various insurance options with you and find a premium to suit your needs.

Depending on circumstances we can look at mortgages from 5% deposit. Generally, the larger the deposit you can afford the cheaper the mortgage repayments will be.

There are a range of fees that could applicable. These could include a valuation fee, solicitor fees, stamp duty land tax fee and lender arrangement fees. Some fees are payable on application and some when you complete on the property. There are also some fees that may be refundable upon completion. Your broker will be able to go over all the fees that could be payable and will always provide you with a full illustration for any mortgage, including a breakdown of any fees. 

You have to have a valuation if you are buying with a mortgage, but do not necessarily need to have a survey. However, in most situations it is advisable. Your broker can explain about the different types of survey available to you.

Yes, however there are certain things that must be taken into consideration prior to purchasing at auction including the legal pack, a decision in principle for a mortgage and the deposit being readily payable. Liaise with your broker at the earliest opportunity, prior to bidding, to ensure you will be able to follow through with the purchase.

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Insurance Options

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Accident, Sickness and Employment
  • Buildings and Contents / Landlord Insurance

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Our simple stamp duty calculator can help you on your way to working out your finances when it comes to thinking about a first, a new or an investment property.

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