In the world of business finance, an experienced advisor can help you navigate the commercial finance process with ease.

There are many different types of corporate finance your business can utilise – from commercial mortgages, to invoice, stock and asset finance. At Hawkes, we help you understand the options available to you and which form of financial services are most aligned to your business goals and requirements.

There are a huge amount of benefits to using commercial finance services for your business. Read some of the top advantages below:

Benefits Of Corporate Finance:

Save Time & Resources
A professional service provider will manage most of the funding and application process for you, saving you time and money and ensuring a hassle-free experience that lets you concentrate on other aspects of business.

Restructure Your Business
Commercial finance gives you the monetary stability to restructure your business – allowing you to assess and move forward in a new direction with the security of finance.

Support In Applications
Your consultant can give you expert advice when applying for funding, as well as helping you secure new business contracts. When applying for a commercial finance mortgage your specialists will create an application that is tailored to you and presents your business in the best possible light

Develop Your Business
Commercial finance can help fund research and development for your business, allowing it to grow and expand – future-proofing your company and giving a huge return on investment.

Stabilise Your Business
Commercial finance can help with cashflow and securing your business during integral times of the year. The additional finance can give you liquidity or unlock the potential value of your unpaid invoices, making it a vital layer of support during times your business may normally struggle.

Access To The Best Deals
Although you can look to securing funds yourself, a professional commercial finance advisor will use their connections and resources to secure you access to the best deals on the market. Your advisor will have direct access to decision-making underwriters as well as many high street and specialist Commercial Mortgage lenders.

Stay In Control
Commercial finance allows you to remain in total control of your business, rather than giving it up in exchange for funding or investment.

Professional Consultation
Your expert advisor will be able to give you financial and market advice that will help you make informed decisions about the growth and operations of your business.

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