Hawke Shortlisted For The National LIS Awards

The team at Hawke Financial Services are delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Buy To Let Broker at the National LIS Awards!

The National LIS Awards

The National LIS Awards celebrates the excellence and outstanding achievements in the private rented sector for both landlords, property investors and services throughout the buy to let industry. Organised by the National Landlord Investment Show, the awards demonstrate the best of professionalism and results within the industry.

We’re incredibly proud of being shortlisted for the honour, with the nomination being a reflection of the exhaustive work and commitment our specialists have shown to clients within the industry. Our primary business focus is aimed at a customer-centric approach and we work closely with our clients to deliver applications that have a personal touch from start to finish.

Expert Buy To Let Brokers

We’ve been shortlisted in the Buy To Let Broker category, which reflects our buy to let mortgage service offering. Our expert solutions guarantee peace of mind for individuals and businesses looking to invest in property and make good long-term returns. As a priority element of our Buy To Let Mortgage Brokers Service, we are committed to finding the most suitable products to suit clients needs from the thousands available. Each solution is bespoke to the individual, and we pride ourselves on giving clear and transparent advice that will help our clients to make informed decisions and secure the best deal available.

Our mortgage advisors are happy to talk you through the benefits of investing in a Buy To Let mortgage and give honest advice as to whether the solution is one that will suit you. We offer efficient consultancy that will help you decide on the best deal for you, from a range of options including Consumer Buy To Let, HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation), Buy To Let Limited Company and Single Freehold Multi-Unit.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’d like to take the opportunity to give a huge thanks to our clients who, without them, we couldn’t have achieved our nomination! Our shortlist is based on the successes we’ve had working in partnership with each and every customer, and the dedication our specialists have shown to finding mortgage solutions for even the most complex cases. Find out more about what our clients say about our services by visiting our review page.

Follow Our Progress

The ceremony takes place this Thursday , November 15, at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London, where our team will be in attendance. The event is a chance to celebrate the achievements of the past year – and we look forward to doing so in style!

The awards night is expected to be a bustling event, bringing together over 400 key players within the residential market. Every aspect of our industry is recognised on the night including landlords/investors, developers, professional services including finance, legal, tax, developers, letting agents, online agents, auction houses, local authorities, landlord insurance, proptech, innovation, landlord associations and more!

You can follow the team’s progress throughout the night by visiting our Facebook, Hawkefs, or the National LIS Awards social media, @landlordinshow.

BTL Mortgages for Expats and Foreign Nationals

Although Expats and Foreign Nationals are different types of clients, the way in which lenders assess the risk is fairly similar. Out of the two, there are more mortgage options for Expats. Recently more lenders have entered the lending for these types of clients and we at Hawke have seen an increase in applications other the last 6 months, despite the Brexit saga.

In board terms the below requirements are needed:


Be able to be found on a UK credit search – either a previous mortgage, bank account, active credit linked to UK address

Many lenders like clients to own at least 1 UK property

Mortgage payment to be by Direct Debit, in Sterling from a UK bank

Countries on sanction lists not acceptable and each country reviewed case by case. The regular countries where we see applications from and acceptable are Hong Kong, Singapore and U.A.E.

Employment in a multi-national company is best place to be however even self employed expats can be considered. Some lenders have a minimum income.

Property type, the simpler the better i.e. if Expat and HMO/ Multi Unit then it adds layer of complexity. We can solve this but especially if 1st BTL then simple is best.

Limited Company lending for Expats – needs to be a UK company as an SPV with the above underwriting based on the Director.

Foreign Nationals

Currently only a handful of lenders will consider pure Foreign National applications

Minimum requirement is a UK bank account

Many have a minimum loan size of £150k or above

Other points which help applications

Active credit in the UK

Income from employed company which can be found online by lenders

Similar to Expat criteria above the country of residence will be considered case by case

Usual property BTL reviewed i.e. property type, rental stress tests etc

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Any questions on the above or your circumstances as a potential client of Hawke Financial Services please call the team on 0208 660 8613 or email Gary McKenna on gary@hawkefs.com or John Green on john@hawkefs.com

Advice On Becoming A First Time Buyer & Landlord Combined

The first step onto the property ladder for some is not always a residential home to live in but becoming more common a Buy to Let (BTL) even via a Ltd Co.

First Time Buyers & Landlords Combined

As the property market evolves and (mainly) young people are looking to purchase their first property, occasionally you may have considered that 1st property to be a Buy to Let property. Quite often this is a smaller property to get on the housing ladder in some form or another. Historically, this was not the easiest to finance and only a handful of lenders would entertain the 1st time buyer/ 1st time landlord combination.

Since the tax changes a couple of years ago and the emergence of limited company lending, another spanner has been thrown into the mix with 1st time buyers looking at making that purchase using a limited company. Only recently have lenders flexed their criteria to enable this to happen, although it does come with certain criteria elements which are slightly restrictive but for good reason.

One of the main factors, regardless of if limited company or personal BTL is lenders will want to ensure the clients income is sufficient to cover the mortgage requirements. This is assessed in the same way as it would be as a residential purchase of a home to live in. Therefore, if you earned £25k but wanted to buy a £400k BTL this wouldn’t work for lenders as the risk is too high, however, on the same income, if you wanted to purchase a BTL for £100k then it is something they would consider. The rationale behind this is due to rare examples of people living in their Buy to Lets properties which breaches the mortgage conditions. People have used BTL products to purchase properties out of their financial reach so lenders have reviewed what can be done for 1st time buyers/ 1st time landlords.

Together with the income assessment, the property should be a straight forward BTL i.e. not a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), Holiday Let, Multi Unit or anything of any complexity. A simple 2-3 bed terrace let on a 12 month Assured Shorthold tenancy (AST) to a professional within the financial capabilities of the client is where these products have been designed.

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It is not particularly common in relation to the volumes of business in other sectors and clients however should this be relevant to your circumstances and you would like to discuss further please give Hawke a call.