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The assessment of commercial mortgages is somewhat more traditional than residential mortgages. Having a mortgage broker who can advise and package the mortgage application in the best possible light is key to success. And with a wide range of lenders at our finger tips, Hawke Financial Services Llp are well positioned to give the right advice and get the right lending decision.

You may need a commercial mortgage to purchase new premises for your business, or to purchase a commercial property to rent out. There is also the option of a commercial remortgage where a business can acquire additional funds through a remortgage for further commercial development, expansion or cash-flow. You may also be looking to purchase a business which is directly related to the property in which it operates, for example a Hotel, freehold public house or retail outlet.

Although commercial mortgage criteria is different to that of residential mortgages, there remains some similar principles. Particularly with loan to value ratios, income assessment and the credit worthiness of a business, its principles or both.

And that is where the experience of an expert commercial mortgage broker really helps. At Hawke Financial Services Llp, we can create the right impact with a fully packaged mortgage application and present it in the best possible light. We have direct access to decision-making underwriters with many high street and specialist commercial mortgage lenders.

Talk to Hawke Financial Services Llp about arranging your commercial mortgages: 0208 660 8613

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