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Bridging Finance

Background Information on Bridging Finance With the BTL market slowing down since the (fairly) recent tax changes, more and more clients are looking to vary their investments. Short-term lending in the form of Bridging Finance is becoming an increasingly popular tool. It enables landlords/homeowners to expand and conjure up ways of making money. For decades,…

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Development Finance

Introduction The subject of funding development projects can often have the greatest range of clients and, in particular, their experience and knowledge. The spectrum of Development Finance clients is wide. They can range from someone looking to build their first property to an established developer looking to build a large block of flats. Below I…

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The Basics of BTL Underwriting for Limited Companies

Limited Company Underwriting Mortgage lenders have basic requirements. They need to be satisfied with these to enable them to offer the mortgage. There are many misconceptions as to how in-depth these requirements are. For instance, some lenders are now lending to First Time Buyers. These people may also be First Time landlords. Previously, however, you needed…

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Trading Company

The vast majority of information in the press points landlords towards purchasing Buy to Let (BTL) properties in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). However, there are other options, and importantly for some, these should not be overlooked. It is correct that the SPV route will attract the most competitive rates and can be seen as…

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Setting up an SPV

Most people are now aware of the rationale behind purchasing a Buy to Let property in a Special Purpose Vehicle. However, as I still get questions on this each day it is worthwhile confirming what is expected from a lenders perspective and the basics involved. The premise of this blog is not to confirm if…

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